Berlin’s highest sculpture garden

Berlin’s highest sculpture garden


Information: Mané Wunderlich – Berlin’s highest sculpture garden


They are located on the site of the former monitoring station in Berlin. You see: „forgotten TV with the symbol Unity painted; Installations and partly braided sculptures made of old wood, hops and other materials from the terrain. Marvin Schütte invites artists to make him sustainable. The whole area has a size of about 40,000 square meters. The painter and sculptor Mané Wunderlich has designed part of the property.


1. A figure with a hat was laid on the floor „hutWunderlich“.

2. The well-known symbol „Unity“ is a universal thought of unity, A peaceful symbiosis of Berlin’s landmarks, Radio and television tower, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag dome, As a floor sculpture „Unity 10te“ made of old wood. They are prompted to add branches.

3. A torso symbolizes the self-generation.

4. Between the two flagpoles the sculpture „teufelsberg Wunderlich“ was created. The scream was yesterday.

5. The sculpture „Samen Wunderlich“ created from hops, symbolizes the growing, something new emerges.

6. An open book „book Wunderlich“ from plywood; Appeals to take a book into the hand, read or think.

7. Following colorful walkways, past the installation „movement Wunderlich“, leads down a staircase.

8. Here is the object „denkzeit Wunderlich“; And a marker invites you to photograph yourself from above with the giant sculpture „Unity10te“.

9. The „TV installation – propaganda“, a TV painted with the sign „Unity.

10. A path made of paving stones leads to the installation: „01 Wunderlich“ filled with electronic waste, – take care -.

11. The object „oven whimsical“, a furnace of the bent metal swells, holds the present firmly: „In Germany sed it“.

12. The open cupboard, where does that lead?

Other ground sculptures within the framework of the Unity Wonderful Art Path, outside the terrain, in particular numbers from 0 – 9. Arrange individual guided tours with the artist – Mané Wunderlich. UNITY

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